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The word “top” refers to an upper clothing item that is cut up to the belly button. Tops have gone through different transformations. They can be tight, tailored or even casual and wide. As nowadays the high waist is very fashionable, you can wear a top with a high-waisted skirt, jeans and pants. Whatever you choose, it will look gorgeous.

Tops can be with or without gloves, with short or long gloves and even without suspenders (as a corset cut). Of course, it is up to you what to choose and how you will see the ideal look of yours. This clothing item is one of the most preferred one today – especially by celebrities – as some of the best designers and trademarks include it in their sports and elegant collections.

Indeed, tops are very comfy and if you like being trendy, with them you can achieve this easily. It is very important to consider if your body structure corresponds to this type of clothing and if you have a possibility to wear something tight or you need something wider. We recommend you to choose your clothes by taking your own body in mind. After all, a certain clothing item can be amazing on someone`s body, but not that good on your own.

On the other side, never underestimate your own individual taste. At our store, Laleto every woman can find something good for her own body no matter what the body structure is. We have a big variety of shades and cuts. When it is summer you can take the warm clothes away and rely specially on the tops, by the way. However, never forget – tops are super universal clothes and you can mix them with almost anything and almost all the time.