Shirts are classical formal clothes. They can vary depending on the cut, model, color and the style, of course.

Lately, striped or checked shirts are very preferred. They do not fall into the formal category, but mainly in the sports one. They are worn either with jeans, or with sports pants. A great outfit is a mixture of an everyday checked shirt with torn jeans. This is both: sexy and comfy!

More formal models are the classical tailored shirts with a small pocket at the upper side or with nothing at all. The shades can be selected depending on the rest of the clothes you will wear them with. If we need to choose classical shades for a shirt, black and white are favorites, of course. They always look elegant and formal – even if they are with a simple cut.

But let`s forget about classics for a while, which is not that bad, but with years everything has changes and the classical models are a bit less interesting. Today, original designs are more preferred. They can even be with naked arms. They can be with veils for a more unique effect and whatever you can even think off. If you are a vanguard clothing style fan, you will for sure choose such a design, but not a classical one.

In the Laleto online store we have gathered for you a rich selection of shirts that can be suitable for any part of your lifestyle. You can choose the classic for the office space and the vanguard modern cuts for the time you spend in a cafe or a restaurant. Do not run away from your own style and even if you have to rely on a classical appearance, always find a way to express your personally with something more different and original.

Whether you will prepare for work, or for a walk with a sport type of a shirt or for a dinner with something more elegant, always be yourself and dress as you like it even if it is not fully in correspondence to the latest fashion trends.