Outwear clothes are chosen depending on the specific season.
If you need spring outwear you can choose from a denim jacket, blazer, thinner jacket, leather jacket or a vest. As a matter of fact, spring outwear purpose is to protect you from morning coldness.

You know that summer does not require a jacket, but sometimes, in the evenings, it gets cooler and you can wear the model you have picked up for the spring. Because no matter how cold it will get during the summer, it is still the hottest season of the year, so the temperatures aren`t that low.

During warm autumn, you can use the spring outwear, but then, the weather is changing all the time, so it can be both: too warm and too cool. So this is why you need to be equipped with an arsenal of warmer and thicker jackets. Again you can rely on the leather jacket, but it is also good to have a trench coat, too – short or long, but in all cases able to protect you from wind and rain. And for cooler time you can use a shorter thin coat.

Winter is the season during which you need more outwear clothes, because it is impossible to go out without them. You know very well how cold it gets during that time, so it is good to be equipped with several of them. You need to possess at least one waterproof jacket for snow time. On mandatory, consider coats made of natural wool, because they protect you from coldness. Leather is also suitable for the winter season, but it should be either with fluff from the outside, or with fur from the inside.

Colors that will be worn this year are classy black and red, mustard shade, white, beige and gray.

Outwear cuts are either straight, or tailor. The models with asymmetric fastening, numerous zippers or buttons are quite interesting, too.

The length is long up to the ankle, short or midi.

But these are only directions, you can actually choose whatever you prefer. Though, remember to mix the outwear with the shoes or the bags, but why not with the cloths, too?

Our team from Laleto store offers you a rich abundance of different outwear models depending on the season they are suitable for, color, cuts and etc. You know quite well how expensive these clothes usually are, but we provide you fully budget-friendly prices that will surprise and charm you.