Jeans and pants

Jeans and pants are universal clothes suitable for your everyday life or just for a walk. You can mix them with all of these: sports blouses, T-shirts, vests and so on, as well as with more elegant outwear clothes. Thus, you can choose whether to be fully sporty, or more of a sports-elegant type. Each of you, ladies,should have at least per one pair of jeans and pants. Just because they are really comfy!

But no matter how popular jeans and pants are, fashion trends in these female clothing categories change all the time. For instance, this year we enjoy the high-waist pants and jeans, as well as straight cuts. Currently, jeans skinny jeans or pants aren`t that trendy, while wider legs have reduced length, up to the middle ankle. It is interesting to see how one single pair of jeans or pants can be both: elegant and casual. It depends what you will mix it with. At one hand, you can wear sneakers and a T-shirt, while, on the other case – rely on a more elegant blouse and high heels. Another trendy element in jeans and pants this year is the heavy decoration. Pearls and sparkling elements cover them all or partly. Actually, the alternatives are numerous – plus, models with slings are quite in fashion right now, too.

Use your imagination to be trendy every day. In all cases you have already accepted this fashion style from men, so take the advantages of it at a full value and make your appearance different once in a while.

In jeans + pants category we also add the familiar for all ladies leggings. They have become quite favorite, because they are comfy and flexible to walk in. You can wear leggings with both: shorter and longer blouses. But, do not hesitate to try shorts or short denims. They are suitable for the summer and they can be also found in this category.

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