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Overalls have immersed the fashion as comfy and trendy clothes since 2014 and you can see now that since they are still here, they have a big potential. They have gone through different versions – from short with suspenders to long and formal, but mainly they mix the convenience of a long dress and pants at once.

You can choose an overall for both – a walk or a special occasion, because they vary depending on the cut, material and even the style. Celebrities, for instance, love appearing in such a clothing type on special occasion just because it gives them attractiveness and comfortableness.

You can choose short overalls with thin suspenders for the next summer. They will provide you a sense of freedom and are amazing for the hot weather. Overalls with long legs and an upper corset cut can be used for a special occasion. They make you slender and thinner.

Another advantage the overall hides is that you don`t have to consider what blouse to pair it with. Here you have a complete outfit!

In Laleto online store you will find a big abundance of this clothing type designs. We have selected them depending on the current fashion trends considering the materials they are made of and the shades.

Naturally, for the summer-spring season you have to look for a thinner and lighter materials, because the weather requires it. However, when the autumn gets closer you can look for a design with long sleeves and a thicker material that could be more suitable for cold weather.

It does not matter what we say right now, actuality, you need to feel the convenience of wearing an overall during the spring yourself (or during summer) to feel what we are talking about!