General terms for distance purchase contracts under the Law of consumer protection between, registered in Plovdiv city, called shortly below Provider at one hand, and the person, who has agreed with the current General Terms, called shortly below Consumer, on the other hand, contributing to the order placement and purchase of the goods offered by e-store.

Article 1. The Provider provides the Consumer a possibility to purchase goods available on the e-store in correspondence to the present “General Terms”

Article 2. The Provider uploads on descriptions of the main characteristics and images for each product according to the information provided by the manufacturer.

Sale price, with VAT included, as well as all the price list with post, courier and transportation fees related to the delivery that are not included in the product price.

Information for payment method, delivery and contract execution the Consumer`s right, approaches and conditions for refusing the contract and its clauses corresponding to product return and replacement, excluding the cases upon Law of consumer protection the period within the offer and the price are actual minimum duration of the contract – concerning the permanent and periodic goods and services delivery contracts all other information that the Provider is obliged to provide according to the Bulgarian national law, and in time to the Consumer before the good purchase.


Article 3. To receive the right to make a valid order for goods purchase at, the Consumer should fill an e-registration form that is located here: When filling the digital registration form the Consumer is obliged to provide the required and correct data, as well as to update them within 7 days after any change.

The Consumer guarantees that the provided data during the registration process is fully correct, complete and exact and in case of a change, he or she will update them in time. If the Consumer provides incorrect data or does not update them in time, the Provider has the right to terminate the contract immediately and without an announcement for it in advance, as well as to suspend the Consumer`s account. Before the official announcement the Consumer can correct the input information through the registration form.


Article 4. With the registration act the Consumer makes an online agreement with the present General Terms, which makes him or her subjected to the contract clauses. From the subjection moment the Consumer receives the possibility to make valid orders for purchasing goods offered at 


Article 4.1. With the registration act the Consumer agrees to receive the advertising bulletin by the online store

In case the Consumer does not want to receive the advertising bulletin, he or she should expressly inform the Provider by sending a request to this e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Article 5. The Consumer receives an access to the form for purchase orders of the offered goods after filling valid consumer name and password at the indicated for the purpose places and pressing ENTRANCE button. The order execution and placement is done after these chronologically performed actions: determination and confirmation of the product type and size by pressing the digital button BUY placed in front of each good and followed by the quantity good selection and the preferred payment method, as well as final order confirmation with pressing the digital button Check out placed right under the digital buttons for order quantity and payment method. Once the order is done the digital store informs the Consumer for the placed order via the consumer`s e-mail. In case of incorrect, wrong or incomplete address and / or telephone number during the order placement, the order, itself, is considered as invalid and the Provider is not obliged to execute it. The order takes effect between the two sides from the moment of the valid order.


Article 6. All prices are announced in euro, with VAT included. The price list includes prices for a certain quantity and do not include delivery fees.


Article 7. The prices from Article 6 and the delivery fees are paid by the preferred method and the Consumer is obliged to pay the sale price of the purchased product and the courier fee, which is never included in the sale price, itself.


Article 8. The ordered for purchase product is delivered in an appropriate pack and transportation method according to its type and to the address provided by the Consumer within a suitable period of time.


Article 9. The product is transported to the delivery address and either personally to the Consumer, or to other, pointed by the Consumer`s person for acceptance and order confirmation. When providing the product to the Consumer or to the third party, the official representative gives the accompanied documents for signature. The documents represent official evidence for order delivery confirmation. In case the Consumer cannot be found at the written address within the delivery time or the conditions for product acceptance are not provided, the Provider is no longer obliged to give the product. The Consumer can confirm his or her desire to receive the product after the official delivery time and after being not found within this time and at the pointed address. However, in this case the Consumer is responsible for all the following delivery fees. If this happens, the new delivery time starts at the confirmation for product acceptance after the first delivery period of time.


Article 10. The Provider is obliged: to transfer the Consumer the actual power of the purchases product during the acceptance and the payment (including the transportation fees); to deliver the selected product within the official transportation time; to take care of his obligations and to execute them properly.


Article 11. The Provider has the right:


– to upload links to other internet websites and resources for selling goods and providing services by third parties, including digital links going to other web pages in the Consumer`s profile;

– to send the Consumer newsletters which the Consumer, himself, has made a subscription for.

– To collect and use information about his consumers, when the consumers, themselves, have officially made a registration on the website. The information include: name, second name, surname, address, job position, gender, age, telephone, e-mail and any other information that is provided during the registration process or the order placement, acceptance or usage of the provided services, as well as during participation in special offers, promotions and contests, quiz completion, blanks filling and many others. The Provider uses this information only by taking the Law of personal data protection in mind.