Within 14 (fourteen) days you can replace the purchased product with a different one or the same, but from other size.

In case of replacement or refund, all the packages are sent to our address in Bulgaria city Plovdiv, str. Hristo Chernopeev 15 district at your expense. 

In case of refund, you have the right to receive your money back via bank transfer (products that are sent with no information on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via 0877 52 52 20 will not be accepted).
All return products should be in proper, equal to a new packing condition, not used or with make-up signs. We keep the right not to return you the product without accepting the replacement if the commercial appearance of the goods is disturbed.

Promotion terms 3 for 2 (when ordering three products, the customer pays two of them and the third, which has the lowest value, is free.)

Each customer has the right to exchange or return a product within the 14-day period purchased from this promotion.

Return option:

1. If the customer wants to return a product, he must also return the dress he received as a gift, as this will spoil the terms of the promotion. We will refund the amount for this one product.

2. If the customer wants to return the two products he has paid for - he MUST return the free dress because it is free, but only in the conditions of the promotion. We will refund the full amount the customer has paid for the products when we receive the 3 dresses.

Replacement Option:

The customer can exchange any one of the products. If he wants to replace the free dress, but it is more expensive than the products he has paid, he will have to pay the difference in the amount.

Example: If you order 3 dresses: one costs 40 leva, the second costs 56 leva, the third costs 39 leva - the third will be a gift dress. If you wish to replace the gift dress and the new dress chosen by the customer costs BGN 44, you will have to pay the difference of BGN 5 upon receipt of the replacement product.


We only refund the amount paid for the products. We do not refund money for deliveries that customers pay to courier companies.

To fit within the replacement and refund deadline, it is enough to send us a message that you use your cancellation right – before the final cancellation deadline. You can use the attached cancellation BLANK, but it is not on mandatory.

You cannot replace or ask a refund for a product from Underwear and Swimwear categories.