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The dress is a classical female cloth that originates from the ancient robe. Every dress model has its own individual charm and its different effect on female appearance. This is the main role a dress has been serving for a long time, although through the centuries various designs have appeared. Mainly, these differences corresponded to the differences in female society status, depending on the class a woman belongs to. Also, the decoration of this specific type of clothing used to relate with female ethnic, residential and religious belonging. Today, each lady`s dress is connected mostly with the various fashion trends, but not with some specific tendencies or ethic norms.

In 21st century, women from all over the world wear long dresses during the day and short dresses at night. And the opposite trends takes place at a full value, too. So every woman has the freedom to choose when, where and with what dress she can feel and look better. To embrace this variety of female tastes and various fashion approaches, our team from Laleto online store for clothes has prepared for you a big collection of female dresses – online, so you can take a look at it on our website.

All dress models are offered in different sizes. To find yours, you can use the size table that is available in our online store system. And since we are fully aware that not every woman in a dress feels as good as in pants – in the Dresses category you will find numerous comfy designs for your personal preferences.

The so-called everyday dresses are some of the most popular models among women. They are typical for the provided freedom of motion in difference to the formal dresses. All everyday dresses can be picked up depending on the season, which shows our big variety of this type of online dresses we offer. Such a casual clothing should be definitely part of your wardrobe as you can never be sure when you will need it. We offer our everyday dresses in different sizes, designs and prints. Choose the one that you like at most. When making a selection it is important to take under consideration your personal body shape and to consider what length will be the most convenient for you and your daily routines.

No matter how comfortable everyday dresses are – every woman should have at least few elegant models in her wardrobe, too. Online clothing store Laleto has a rich abundance of designs for any occasion. Some of the models you will see are concentrated on the specific occasions like prom or wedding dresses – for the two of the most special moments in your life. Among the elegance of the formal dresses you will also see: evening dresses which you can use to replace the prom dress, itself, boutique dresses, winter dress and etc – to be graceful during each season of the year.

Besides the glamorous prom dresses and the other formal models, at online store Laleto many cheap dresses such as beach, denim sports and other similar dresses are expecting you.

It`s all about your personal taste and we have gathered a lot for each of you! We are looking for your shopping tour!